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September 06, 2007


You were a little sweety, no doubt about it.

"I know it's stupid to feel badly when celebrity relationships go belly up, but it's too bad all the same."

Claire- this post made me remember how sad I was when I had heard Sonny and Cher were divorcing. I know it's silly...

You were a cute little kid who grew into a beautiful woman. I can't believe how blonde your hair was!

So cute, Claire, and so you. Jennifer's right. That little beauty, who looks as if she's expecting something only she can deal with, is obviously you. She's blonder and smaller than you now, but the difference is superficial.

Ok, first of all -- that picture of you is too cute! Love it.

Secondly, I had a thought today about Mad Men. Tell me what you think of this...

Last night, I found the scene and the exchange between the two gay men at dinner to be the best scene so far on any Mad Men episode. So, I wonder if the writer/writers are gay? They seemed to really *get* that scene -- where every single solitary flippin' scene between a man and woman on that show is so *off* -- so over the top with how "in control" the men are and how "dippity-do-dah" the women are (that is, if they're not 38DD's busting out of a bra and acting so "in control" that way.)

I don't know. Something about that scene just told me the writers are writing for THE WRONG SHOW.

Is it bad to think they're gay? I think they are and they've got real issues with male/female portrayals.

Whatever. I'm rambling. What do you think?

I'm normally of the opinion that divorce is probably the best thing when it happens. It's too *big* of a thing to initiate unless there's a big problem there -- and life's too short.

That being said, you know which celebrity break up I'd *really* like to get the scoop about? Larry and Laurie David. I can only imagine how hard it would be to tolerate him, but how in the heck do I even know what I'm talking about? I don't. For some reason, I want to know the real deal there.

BG, I completely agree with you about that scene in Mad Men last night. And doesn't it go along with what some other people have been saying about how this is trying to emulate Cheever too much? That it's too much from the viewpoint of a closeted gay man? I still think the show sucks and that the creators are WAY to proud of themselves. I hate smug tv people. It's like, you're making a tv show. For the boob tube. C'mon. You're not writing a novel or doing brain surgery.

As for divorce, well, yes sometimes it is necessary. But in Hollywood it seems that people get divorced as soon as something hard comes up. Like Heath and Michelle. You know what? It's not easy having a small child. It strains your marriage. Be adults and work through it.

Thanks to everyone else for the nice words. I was totally fishing. Haha, I'm terrible.

I guess it's blue girl hour in Claire's comment thread!

But, I have to clarify something I said above about the writers for Mad Men.

I'm not saying that all gay writers could not write about heterosexual relationships. But, I feel like *these* writers CAN'T AT ALL. And it's been driving me straight up a wall since the first episode. So, when I saw that scene last night and saw how nuanced it was, it just led me to believe that the writers have some sort of weird issue with men/women relationships and are taking it out on these characters.

I'm not sure whether the writers hate men or women more. To me, the portrayals are that bad. I just got the feeling it went beyond "bad writing" last night when I saw that scene.

Ok. Enough!

Oops! Posted that last one before I saw yours. I'm glad you didn't think I was gay-bashing.

Yeah, Hollyweird marriages. Why do they even bother most times? It seems most don't take it seriously at all.

Hey, I could go on and on about my thoughts on staying married vs. getting divorced -- but, I think I've said enough over here today!


Yay for the Blue Girl hour! :)

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